New Media Solutions

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June 28, 2018
June 28, 2018

From the broadcast and digital media industry, Transtel’s New Media Solutions is a variety of technology and support services, and media 360 solutions for transforming organisations and SMEs.

Technology and Support Services

Transtel makes your VFX possible. With an array of specialised services in media and production integration, Transtel is equipped with workflow optimisation and on premise storage solutions from the best technology providers from Japan and the USA.

Broadcast Service and Maintenance

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Media 360 Solutions

Transtel’s Media 360 is a complete package for business startups and project managers in creating OTT, TV, Radio, Social Media and Digital advertising campaigns that deliver real measurable results for Malaysian based brands. Save up to 65% for procurement or maintenance costs and set trends with our exclusive packages.

Media 360

Media 360 is a comprehensive branding, marketing and advertising solution. Request a quote for our Media 360 Solutions Packages or contact us for more info.

Event Equipment Rental

Photography / Videography Solutions

Social content

Corporate content

Live content

Educational content

Live Streaming Solutions

Transtel Streaming System (TSS) is suitable for various settings. View